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Dr. Yakama Manty Jones has gained a wealth of knowledge as a career professional and entrepreneur.  As a lifelong learner and a mentor, Dr. Jones is passionate about sharing knowledge and giving back to young people. Follow her on this journey as she shares her experiences as an Economist, Lecturer, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.

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Interview with Dr. Yamaka Manty Jones  | Africa Oxford Initiative 

Dr.Yakama Jones - Featured in the  Economic Empowerment of  Women Documentary by OXFAM

On  Eid 2021, Dr. Yakama Jones  spoke about Human Capital Development and the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement on CAFRAD - African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development Seminar Series.  She also highlighted the importance of knowing your country's 'Product Space', ' Feasible Opportunities' and implications of 'Know How' when making decisions about production and economic diversification using the 'Atlas of Complexity ' developed by the Growth Lab@Harvard Kennedy School.

Dr.Yakama Jones  speaking on the importance of reading on World Read Aloud Day 2020 alongside the Chief Education Officer, Ministry of Baisc and Senior Secondary School Education (MBSSE) and Guest Readers on Radio 98.1 FM.   Copyright: Radio Democracy FM 98.1


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