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A Masterpiece, yet still, a work in progress.............

Officially, I am named: Yakama Manty Ruth Jones - however, over time, I have gained many nicknames depending on my relationship with the person(s) and group.

Whilst some call me Yakama Jones, Yaks, Manty; or Y-Class, others prefer Mammy Jones; Mrs Jones; Dr. Jones or Dr. Manty. However, there are a few that we talk often, but they hardly get to say my name in my presence.

To some people I’m considered to be shy, nice and humble whilst to others, regarded to be bold, driven, proud and bossy.

Some refer to me when talking about ‘all-round smartness’ whilst others sayna book sense normor’ (only smart in academic and work stuff).

In a world with varying perceptions and opinions, I say I am me! Flaws and all!

I am a Masterpiece, yet still, a work in progress.

To help me in my journey of continuous learning and doing , what say you?


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